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Katherine (Kat) Livingston

Katherine (Kat) Livingston was born in California and moved to Mesa when she was young. Her father, Wilfred Wellington, was from District 3 and her mother was part of the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes in Montana.

Livingston is a multi-talented artist skilled in painting, drawing and digital art. She gets her inspiration from the light and shadows on the desert mountains, the picturesque sky at sunset in the desert and the vibrant desert plants.

During the ‘80s, Livingston took many art courses throughout high school and at Mesa Community College. In 1999, Livingston went back to school at the Phoenix Art Institute where she graduated with honors in Graphic Design. Her favorite medium is acrylic paintings of desert landscapes and illustrations of animal legends for children.

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Katherine (Kat) Livingston Katherine (Kat) Livingston Katherine (Kat) Livingston