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Sara Beth Lucas

Sara Beth Lucas is from Hashan-Kehk in District 2 of the Gila River Indian Community. She is the daughter of Ann Lucas-Stewart, stepdaughter of Ricardo Stewart, and daughter of Matthew Leos. At a young age, Lucas loved to draw but most of her inspiration came from her older brother, Joseph.

In 2008, Lucas began studying Architecture at Arizona State University but decided not to continue the program after the first year which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Lucas was able to pursue her true passion in art, obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Drawing in 2015.

Lucas uses materials like graphite, charcoal, soft pastels and colored pencils in her drawings. She also creates oil and acrylic paintings, wood burns and enjoys fiber crafts in her free time. Her inspiration comes from her surrounding environment and her culture empowers her to express herself and her heritage in her artwork.

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Sara Beth Lucas

The Beginning of Sustainability, Oil

Sara Beth Lucas

From the Earth, Oil/Charcoal

Sara Beth Lucas

I'm Still Growing, Charcoal