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Tiffany Enos

Tiffany Enos is the daughter of Marvin Enos Jr. and the late Jeryln McDonald. She is from Sacaton, Arizona, and currently lives in District 4 – Upper Santan – where she creates traditional and digital art in her home studio.

Enos began her journey as an artist in high school and then enrolled in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2017. She is currently completing her studies at the Academy of Art University. Enos is very passionate about bettering her education and strengthening her artistic skill set, constantly taking on new challenges and practicing new techniques.

Enos’ preferred mediums are acrylic paintings and charcoal drawings – she loves the idea of working with her hands and getting messy with her art which creates a deeper connection to each piece. Enos gets her inspiration from things she sees every day. Her landscape paintings are representations of her homeland culture and the beauty she sees in them. As for her other artwork, she tries to organize everyday chaos and show the beauty in it.

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