Santan Mountain

Mein Dish

Santan Mountain:
Open Daily | 4PM - 11PM

Enjoy a taste of the East at Mein Dish! This casual Asian eatery has a flavorful menu with specialties such as Honey Walnut Crispy Shrimp, Orange Chicken, Mongolian Beef, and more! Located in the Food Court.

Mein Dish


Egg Drop Soup $8

Scallion, toasted sesame

Hot and Sour Soup $10

Shiitake mushroom, roasted pork, tofu

Asian Chopped Salad $12

Sesame vinaigrette, chopped romaine, napa cabbage, avocado, toasted peanuts
$7-beef, $5-chicken or $8-shrimp

Lo Mein Noodles $10

Yakisoba, Shaoxing garlic sauce, sautéed vegetables
$7-beef, $5-chicken or $8-shrimp

Vegetable Fried Rice $10

Fried Egg, sautéed vegetables, garlic-soy sauce
$7-beef, $5-chicken or $8-shrimp

Crispy Orange Chicken $19

Sweet citrus ginger sauce, red bell pepper, snow peas

Honey Walnut Crispy Shrimp $23

Sautéed mushroom, broccoli, candied walnuts

Beef and Broccoli $21

Shaoxing garlic sauce, scallion, toasted sesame

Kung Pao Chicken $19

Sautéed vegetables, dried chiles, toasted peanuts

Mongolian Beef $21

Garlic-soy sauce, caramelized onion, shiitake mushroom

Dan Dan Noodles $20

Ground pork, baby bok choy, caramelized onion, shitake mushroom, Sichuan peppercorn sauce


White Rice $4
Fried Rice $6
Lo Mein Noodles $6
Vegetable Spring Roll $3

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